Kantai Collection: KanColle Episode 1 Impression


Kantai Collection: KanColle is anime adoption of the popular strategy card browser game. On this episode, the fleet girls are experiencing their usual daily lives. Later, they attack an enemy base.

First off, I had been waiting for this anime adoption for quite a while to come out since the very first announcement (even though I don't play the game but I own and built a model as shown on one of my tweets/post). Anyway, the anime seems to be surprisingly interesting and not a big disappointment. I first thought it would be something like the Arpeggio of Blue Steel series but turns out be quite similar to Strike Witches (girls on the water instead of the air using mecha-like gear). Other than that, I'll be definitely looking forward for the next episode since I especially like Strike Witches. Overall, awesome introduction and some nice action.

Conclusion: Awesome introduction and some nice action.

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