Game Status - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite iOS (MH4U Countdown!)


Last week, I was finally able to get the international version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite/Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G for iOS and also to play during the countdown of the Western release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate/Monster Hunter 4G (and New 3DS XL) next month. The first game that got me playing was Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii (online multiplayer has been currently dead) and then I quit long time ago because of being busy. My hunter was in the Lagiacrus Armor and using a greatsword.

Anyway, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite iOS is pretty good so far along with the graphics but seems to be somewhat harder than Monster Hunter Tri.

Starting off with my adventure...

As for online multiplayer, it's nice just like Tri but using chat (Lobi system) is a bit awkward and most players don't use it most of the time. Communication is mostly gestures/emotes and pinging on the map which is fine. Also the touch controls are pretty good and better than most iOS games I've played. Other than that, I'll post more about this game later if I progress much further.

I got my first armor and greatwsword.

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