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Trump Daughter Collection is an anime card game based on girls from various anime (Highschool  DxD,  K-On,  GA, Gargantia and more). The goal is to trump over your opponents. Anyway, the game is pretty great and probably is the best free to play card game especially if you just want to relax and collect anime cards. It's also quite surprising that there's no stamina system which the developers could have added but you can just play all you want. (Marvel also did the same with their other app game which is an MMORPG called Logres.)

As for the gameplay itself, it's interesting. You basically have three rounds with the same AI opponents based on actual players' decks and try to trump them out. After each round, you'll earn tokens which is the currency you can spend on the Gachas. Then on the start of the next round, there will be certain goals or terms.

After the final round of the game, you'll also earn affection points which you can spend on randomly picked card pieces to unlock other cards. Also there's hint boxes you can optionally click on that explains the certain moves on the table and is voiced by the announcer (she also voiced with other things like earning gifts, spending and more).

Spending my earned affection points after a game.

Now for the card art, they're cool but are actually screenshots from the anime. However there's also other official anime art besides the screenshots. Other than that, the game is just like any other free to play card game but stands out because of multiple anime it's based on, no stamina system at all and just collect cards and play in a relaxing way (since it's not a battle card game). Although it would be nice if they have actual live multiplayer. So in conclusion, an awesome relaxing anime card game.

My current deck.

Conclusion: An awesome relaxing anime card game.

Note: Available in the Japanese app store.
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