Akatsuki no Yona Episode 19 Impression


On this episode, Yona is sent to obtain the herbs by going through a dangerous path. Meanwhile, Jae-Ha develops an interest towards Yona.

First off, I started to notice the pirate captain's voice is quite similar to the Psycho Pass anime's Joshu Kasei. I then did some digging and found out it's actually the same voice actress named Yoshiko SAKAKIBARA (榊原 良子). She's also voices in other anime like Gundam, Ghost in the Shell and much more which I surprisingly didn't know about either.

Anyway, it was cool to see Yona getting much stronger in dangerous situations. Also it seems Jae-Ha will be joining Yona's party soon. Other than that, I really have to point out that Shin-Ah's squirrel is plain cute and awesome especially on this episode. Now will the pirates be able to stop the dealers on the next episode? In conclusion, interesting minor plot and character development.

Conclusion: Interesting minor plot and character development.
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