iOS Game Impression - Kuchisaki Bancho VS


Kuchisaki Bancho VS is a Japanese word search fighting game and the sequel of Kuchisaki Bancho. But unlike the first game, you're matched against other player avatars (AI controlled) instead of the regular AIs from the first game.

For the gameplay, you basically have a time limit to form Japanese words based on the current board and score points as much as you can. Then after the time limit, your avatar and the opponent's will be fighting with each other by talking and whoever made the most points win. Although you can also do special scores if you type the exact bonus highlighted words (that shows up randomly) which will allow your avatar to do special moves during the fight.

Forming the words.

As for the avatar system, you can customize your avatar with clothes, accessories, backgrounds and more that you earn from fights, gachas, events and dailies. I find the customization to be pretty cool. But the slight downside is you can get items that are for the opposite gender and can't be used. A funny story is I actually got a ultimate rare male outfit item from a gacha but I can't use it because my avatar is female.

My avatar's gear and stats.

Other than that, the game is quite interesting and stands out because it's simply a Japanese word game with fighting elements. However it would be nice if there was live multiplayer instead of facing against computer controlled players. So in conclusion, an interesting Japanese word fighting game.

Conclusion: An interesting Japanese word fighting game.

Note: Available in the Japanese app store.
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