Ben-To Episode 9 Impression


Surprisingly, this another episode with no bento fight and basically is all talk. I'm kinda disappointed again. But, they did do more character development and details about the details of what's going on which is nice. Also, of course - there are more echii scenes. So for the entire episode, we basically have our protagonist getting beat up (no bento fight) and running in his under wear on TV. And another thing is more relationships between the girls. Overall, there is really nothing much in this episode and it did not really get me laughing either. I hope that there will be another bento fight on the next episode though.

Conclusion: Nothing much but more decent character development.

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Ben-To Episode. 9

Yeah, I'm a bit dissapointed there are no wolves fighting over half priced Bento. But, I am entertained with Yuri scene between Oshiroi and Ume.

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