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So a few weeks ago (and in case you're wondering I haven't been posting about other content much), I got a PlayStation Vita Slim especially for the PlayStation Vita Birthday sale and my Birthday instead of getting the New Nintendo 3DS. I surprisingly find it to be quite awesome and more satisfying than my Nintendo 3DS. Graphic-wise, the console is great and is definitely way better than on smart phones as usual along with the 3DS itself. Anyway, the games I currently have and started out with is:

Sword Art Online: Hallow Fragment
Freedom Wars
Gravity Rush
Monster Monpiece
Gundam Breakers
Destiny of Spirits
Fat Princess: Piece of Cake
Phantasy Star Nova

Other than that, if you want to play with me or something, feel free to add me which is SparkNorkx. I'll be posting about the Vita games later on besides other games like iOS games.
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