Triage X Episode 10 Impression


On this episode, the Black Label girls head to the hot springs and talk about their situation while Arashi continues his daily life. Later, they start a mission against a drug dealer.

Okay, the bath fan service on this episode seems to be quite disappointing and especially comparing it to High School of the Dead's fan service (which is from the same author by the way). One of the reasons is that they use steam for censorship which is alright but they basically used way too much of it to be even considered as an actual fan service. Maybe the producers got that style from Western censorship or lost their touch? Also the action was unfortunately not really exciting. Other than that, I'm disappointed and it felt like watching a plain boring "filler". Now what's going to be the next plot? Overall, disappointing fan service and action.

Conclusion: Disappointing fan service and action.
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