Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth Movie Impression


I'm so excited! The movie finally came out after it hit theaters in Japan! First of all, the OP is very cool. It showed the origin of how Hayate came to his current life and perhaps give nice flashback memories to the fans. Now, this movie is just plain very awesome I have to say. It's not just because I'm a big Hayate no Gotoku/Hayate the Combat Butler fan; it's because the movie itself is not cheesy and all. The story line is great but the little downside is that how did the characters get to this unknown setting area? So yeah, there's a bit of holes in the movie but you probably won't really notice it.

The conflict is interesting and is kinda way more exciting than the normal Hayate episodes. The main problem of this entire movie is that there is a mysterious girl who threatens Hayate and his group. But, that is not the only "issue" and I'll leave that to you to find that yourself. There are some characters in the movie not even introduced in the anime but their from the manga itself. I find that quite nice and I believe that will encourage the anime fans who didn't follow up with the manga. Okay, now the things I like about this movie is just that it's very funny which is Hayate no Gotoku is known for. (In fact, I don't even remember not ever laughing on a episode.) The moments in this movie is so enjoyable that I don't think I'll ever forget those as a fan. There are also some fan service involved but to the point that it won't ruin the movie and the creators planned that out perfectly. Overall, I find this movie very enjoyable and perhaps newcomers might enjoy this too. The only think that's currently stuck in my head is: "Will Season 3 come out soon?".

Conclusion: Enjoyable awesome movie and it won't be a disappointment to Hayate no Gotoku fans and perhaps newcomers.

Personal Note: I currently have a cold but hopefully, I'll be still posting...
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