God Eater Episode 3 Impression


On this episode, Lenka's squad got deployed to rescue Alisa. Later, they encounter more Aragami attacking the plane.

Okay, I'll admit I was kinda losing hope after the past two episodes since there was nothing much in them. But this episode specifically got my hopes up because they introduced Alisa (one of my favorite characters in game) and way more action scenes. Also they revealed a bit more about the New-Type's abilities which is nice for the newcomers to the God Eater game series. (Although do note the God Eater games doesn't have air missions or sky focus maps). Other than that, since they didn't reveal the timeline exactly, I would be really surprised if Shio can make an appearance. Now what's going to be the next mission? Overall, Alisa introduced and awesome action.

Conclusion: Alisa introduced and awesome action.
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