God Eater Anime is Guilty Crown?


Okay, the God Eater anime adoption is getting terrible and I just can't stay positive about it anymore even though I'm a "fan of the game series".

The male lead named Lenka is a counterpart of the player character from the first game or somewhat represents the player. In comparison with the actual player character, he's unfortunately an idiot and can't do much. I don't ever remember the player in the actual first game is that "dumb" or "weak" compared to him. As for the characters themselves, Lenka's teammates have been repeating "wow, his weapon can change because he's a New-Type" and they even act like they're "new" at certain scenes and claim to be " experienced veterans".


Surprisingly, Alisa (happens to be one of my favorite characters) is one of them and is also "surprised" even though she's a New-Type herself and already fought together with our male lead. The only cool character who isn't dull and has common sense is pretty much Soma because one of the reasons is he criticizes Lenka for not doing effect hits against the Aragami.

Other than that, the anime is quite comparable to Guilty Crown or is probably this year's Guilty Crown because of dull story/characters (except Soma), nice action and pretty graphics. I'm sadly disappointed that the adoption is poorly executed and doesn't deserve Ufotable's treatment in my honest opinion. The only reason that's keeping me watching is basically action and pretty graphics.
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