Opening Packs for Hearthstone's Grand Tourney Expansion


So recently, I opened 65 packs in total (50 packs from pre-order and 15 packs additional) for Hearthstone's new Grand Tournament expansion. I pretty much got 3 legendaries, bunch of epics, some golden cards and 1,000+ dust.


To be specific for the pre-order bundle, it's 2 legendaries, a bunch of epics, some gold cards, and 600+ dust. For the 15 packs, 1 legendary, some epics, some gold cards and 400+ dust. Legendaries were Fjola Lightbane, Justicar Trueheart, and Chillmaw. Anyway, it was a decent drop and I'm quite satisfied aside from expanding my collection.


Other than that, I'm fond of the expansion so far and especially with the new special effects (Joust and Inspire) that Blizzard added. I just might post more about Hearthstone later on. If you want to add me on friends, feel free to comment or tweet.
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