Overlord: Pure Pure Pleiades OVA Impression


Pure Pure Pleiades is a chibi side story of the Overlord series about Ainz and his interactions with the Pleiades combat maid squad along with Albedo herself.

A few weeks ago, I started watching this OVA out of curiosity and thought it would be another typical. But nope, I was totally wrong. First off, this OVA chibi series is way better than Sword Art Offline 1 & 2 (a OVA chibi series for Sword Art Online) because simply there's no "recap" and has way better comedy. Also it's quite nice to see Ainz interact with Pleiades because there's actually hardly anything about that in the main story. Other than that, the OVA is worth taking a look if you're liking the Overlord series and I'll still be looking forward for more of the episodes. Overall, interesting OVA series and hilarious interactions.

Conclusion: Interesting OVA series and hilarious interactions.
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