Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Episode 9 Impression


On this episode, Kogorou attempts to complete the Twenty Faces formula with Kogorou and Hashiba. Later, they encounter another Twenty Faces and a shocking twist.

I really now despise the very existence of Kobayashi's girly actions and Hashiba's blushing/embarrassment towards it. At this rate, are they really indirectly promoting BL (boy love) or is Kobayashi really a girl in disguise as a boy? Anyway, it was nice to see Kogorou solve the formula for Twenty Faces. Also the main antagonist made an appearance. Other than that, I didn't think Minami really existed until she surprisingly shows up. Now what's going to happen to Kogorou and the antagonist on the next episode? Overall, interesting formula development and another Twenty Faces case.

Conclusion: Interesting formula development and another Twenty Faces case.
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