Vita Graphics Showdown: Project Diva X vs IA V/T Colorful


A little bit late on news but you probably already saw the first release trailer (Vita version featured) a month ago of the new coming Hatsune Miku Project Diva X rhythm game for Playstation Vita and Playstation 4. I was quite excited to hear the news back then but the thing that really bugs me is the graphics they revealed in the trailer for Vita. It never improved and is pretty much like the previous Project Diva F 2nd.

The really sad part is comparing the graphics with another Vocaloid rhythm game called IA V/T Colorful. When I started playing that game, the graphics (along with visuals, UI and more) was just way too pretty and better than Project Diva F 2nd. Here are the two game trailers that you can compare yourself.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva X

IA V/T Colorful

If Sega is not considering to improve the graphics for Project Diva X, that will be very embarrassing when a lower popular Vocaloid named IA has way better graphics or visuals in her game than the extremely popular Hatsune Miku's "new" game for Vita.
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