Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode 1 Impression


On this episode, our male lead starts going to school and meets other students. Later, the students he meet got him start playing Phantasy Star Online 2 since it's a trend in school.

Okay, I'm disappointed that the anime isn't actually set in the Phantasy Star Online 2 world. Instead, the producers did a group of high school students (along with drama) and then we (the viewers) watch them play. It actually kinda me of the free to play visual novel called SC2VN ( which is based on Star Craft 2 and eSports/Gamer drama (or perhaps Disney XD's Mario Kart eSports show I heard about).


So yeah, this is basically SC2VN with gamer drama but minus the competitive eSports scene. Anyway, I was hoping they would do something like "male lead and friends got somehow sucked into the PSO2 world", "a PSO2 ship/shuttle came to Earth", or maybe "a virtual reality setting like Sword Art Online".

And oh, did I mention half of the episode is just all about school? However they accurately did what players do in the lobby and the PSO2 action was pretty cool. I'll just continue to watch and see how this anime will turn out even if it may become terrible as the other typical game adaption anime. Overall, generic introduction and some cool PSO2 action.

Conclusion: Generic introduction and some cool PSO2 action.
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