Short Thought: Kancolle Kai Vita is Cool


Recently, I got my copy for Kancolle Kai for the Playstation Vita which is basically the offline version of the popular Kancolle browser game. First off, I started playing and got to admit I'm enjoying the game (even though certain Kancolle fans are bashing the game due to their weird high expectations). In quick offline version comparison, Kancolle Kai is quite similar to another Vita game called Phantasy Star Nova (which is basically the offline version of Phantasy Star Online 2 but is single player story focused).

My progression.

The updated UI, combat, new mission types, direct strategy control, animated live2D girls and more that the developers have mentioned is pretty fascinating once I started playing. Also best of yet, it's nice to travel around with this game without needing internet and it will essentially last a very long time if the online browser ever shuts down. In fact, I actually prefer this game over the original browser version.

Anyway, I might probably post more about this game once I progress much further.

A cool Valentine table furnture located on right side. It also has nice background music.
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