Tokyo Anime Mega Bundle on Indiegala


A quick reminder that Indiegala is having a mega bundle sale featuring a bunch of indie anime games. (Do keep in mind all of those games are not made in Japan.) Bundle offer will last for 17 days. Here's the listing.

$1.00 or more/¥112.68 or more Tier
Tokyo Hosto
Orion: A Sci-Fi Visual Novel
A Wild Catgirl Appears!

$3.49 or more/¥393.26 or more Tier
Echo Tokyo: Intro
Always The Same Blue Sky...
Highschool Possesion
Shan Gui (山桂)
Lamia's Game Room
Quantum Conscience
Divine Slice of Life
Beach Bounce
Blue Rose
+3 games from $1.00 or more/¥112.68 or more Tier

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