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Hello everyone, I interviewed a Developer from Sentou Gakuen who goes by the name of Vendo. If you don't know what the game is, it is simply the first visual novel with MMO (massive multiplayer online)elements that you can play on your browser without having to download anything. This game was created by an indie developer team based in Indonesia called the PST Team. You can register and play the game here.

Spark: How did you become a Game Developer for the PST Team?

Vendo: I started out as a member of the community, just like any usual player. There was an application for a writer's position; I knew the current developers were having trouble with the writing in the visual novel portion of the game, so I decided to apply. Little did I know, there was already a writer, and I wasn't able to have a position just yet, because the community at the that time trusted that writer. That writer had apparently been working with the team for about a month or so, whereas I came from nowhere and had no background nor experience to prove myself; it ultimately became a conflict between two sides as to whether or not I should be allowed to be a writer. However, I displayed my abilities, and within two days: I was able to take over the position of head writer, and also on that same second day, became the only writer, of "PST Team".

Spark: So why did the previous writer leave the team?

Vendo: It's not a very cheerful story, and I cannot give too many specifics, but: The previous writer for Sentou Gakuen did not take it too well when I took the position of Head Writer, and therefore stepped down from the writing team. Rumors in circulation say that the previous writer opted out in an attempt to put pressure on me since I would become the only writer; though, I wasn't fazed by those new turn of events, because here I am today.

Spark: Ah, I see. Now, since the First Day (Prologue Scene) is the only scene so far in the game, when you will launch the next expansion update?

Vendo: As of now we're trying to provide the players with a flash-like (not flash-based) experience, so that readers do not have to go through "walls of text" when reading the Visual Novel (VN) of Sentou Gakuen. Therefore, the next update in the VN will hopefully be around a month or so, while at the same time, the update will come with the new, flash-like experience.

Spark: Will there be any romantic scenes in your future releases similar to a dating sim genre game?

Vendo: Since we are still new in development, future romantic scenes are voided by issues now such as writing for both the male and female genders simultaneously, and writing for viewers as young as their early teens. The topic of romance is there, but is not primary focus of any of the stories in Sentou Gakuen (SG). Although the stories of SG follow the typical Visual Novel style (where romance often plays a major role): good, bad and neutral endings are still feasible without romance involved, despite romance being a typical standard in many Visual Novels. Perhaps later on though, there may be stories which do focus on romance distinctly for both genders.

Spark: Since the game only allows you to have one on one duels for PvP (Player vs Player), will there be any team or co-op based duels in the future?

Vendo: Cooperation-based PvP is something still in consideration, especially since we are limited with what we can do now, so it's not likely to see something like that in the near future. Later on though, it may be possible to accommodate such a system.

Spark: A player posted a suggestion in the game forums that there should be specific "Chapter Scenes" for those who want to replay back to a certain scene. The game currently does not have it but will it be possible to have something like that in the near future?

Vendo: A flash-like experience was mentioned in a previous answer. If we're able to implement a flash-like experience for the players, replays, scene selections, etc. may be possible in the future.

Spark: Thank you for your time and answering my questions. I look forward to your new releases.

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