Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta Episode 12 Final Impression


On this episode, the club teams up with Yui's guild to recapture the fortress. Later, they defend against the Wallenstein guild.

So the finale fortress battle was exciting and decent. Also it was funny to see the club do some certain moves (and siege tactics) against their foes. Other than that, the series is not bad and somewhat stands out compared to other game based anime/novels since it takes itself casual with some PC gamer references. Although my minor complaint is the girls should have been viewed as actual male avatars like they're suppose to (as seen on their computer screens). That still doesn't make any sense to me (aside fan service) unless they actually gender change their characters. Now will there be a second season coming eventually? Overall, cool fortress battle finale and more school scenes.

Conclusion: Cool fortress battle finale and more school scenes.
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