Keijo Episode 1 Impression


Keijo is an echii action sports series about a girl named Nozomi wanting to be the best Keijo player. On this episode, the Keijo players attend a test trial.

Wow, this is instantly the best echii action of this Fall season and perhaps one of the best echii genre anime of this year. I really like the sports concept since it's basically all about fighting only with butts, boobs and try to knock off the opponent to the water. Also the character players have interesting backgrounds like Gymnastics, Judo, other martial arts and more (which is somewhat similar to UFC since that sport is all about mixed martial arts of various backgrounds). Other than that, the specific characters they introduced so far are cool. Now what's going to be next plot for our female lead? Overall, awesome introduction and some nice echii action.

Conclusion: Awesome introduction and some nice echii action.
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