Sousei no Onmyouji Episode 28 Impression


On this episode, the Star Twins are sent to another Dragon Spot location before they head to Kyoto. Later, they meet a strong Basara.

The action was very intense compared to the previous big ones because Rokuro and Benio actually couldn't do anything about it (which is a bit of a big surprise). Also they introduced another member of the Twelve Guardians who seems to be really awesome. Other than that, that current action is great and I can't wait to see more similar ones coming up eventually. Now what the main duo going to do at Kyoto with their mysterious girl? Overall, great action and a cool new character introduced.

Conclusion: Great action and a cool new character introduced.
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Good show

This episode was pretty good, the anime is amazing and is one of my favorites. That new character looks great, can't wait to see what it will bring next!

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