Flip Flappers Episode 3 Impression


On this episode, Kokona and Papika got separated when they landed on a different area. Meanwhile, Papika interacts with the area's town people.

I can't believe this series has been under my radar because the anime's description didn't appeal to me. It kinda reminds me of Kill la Kill but with portal traveling just like the Western Star Gate series (plus different genres and references). Anyway, the episode's plot was interesting since they introduced actual villains and the main mysterious antagonistic group that our main duo will face.

Also they continued some nice action scenes having some genre references from other anime. Other than that, I wonder how the Flip Flappers will deal with the opposing mysterious group. Now what's going to be the next area? Overall, hilarious desert plot and cool action.

Conclusion: Hilarious desert plot and cool action.
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