Bravely Default Fairy's Effect Gameplay


Bravely Default Fairy's Effect is a mobile MMORPG that takes place 8,000 years after the events from Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer.

So the game out recently and the best part is it doesn't have the limited stamina system. That means you can endlessly play like an actual Bravely Default game which is great. Also in comparison, I'm liking definitely it more than Final Fantasy Grandmasters (that happens to be another similar mobile MMORPG with no stamina system) and the previous mobile title called Bravely Archive: D's Report (that has stamina). Anyway, the combat system is fun and can have tactical play (like moving around between rows to avoid strong enemy attack) and the story itself is not bad especially since it's a direct sequel to the main story. Here's my quick gameplay.

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