Convention Starter Guide for LVL UP EXPO Las Vegas


Planning to go to LVL UP EXPO at Las Vegas, Nevada? Out of my experience from going to conventions, here's a short basic guide to help you get started.

Items to bring...

These are the top essential items I would bring to a convention.

1. Backpack or Messenger Bag - To help carry goodies that you could potentially buy or get for free. In other words, a hands free experience.

2. Power Bank/Battery Pack - For continually using your phone or camera to take pictures, use social media, communication with your companions and more.

3. Water Bottle - To help keep yourself hydrated.

4. Granola/Snack Bar - In case you don't have the budget to buy food in the convention or near the convention. But, you need something to snack on.


What to wear...

Wear anything casual. You can also wear a shirt with your favorite brand (character, game, etc.) printed.

For shoes, I would suggest wearing athletic type shoes for long distance walking.


Do's and Don'ts


1. Explore the convention.

2. Make plans after your exploration.

3. Find the anime booths. (since this is an anime blog for anime fans after all)

4. Take pictures and videos.

5. Be respectful to others.


1. Take photo or video of someone without their permission. (this is also against the convention's terms)

2. Purposely rush or bump into people.

So these are my basic top tips for going to a convention. For more details about LVL UP EXPO, check out their website.

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Have a convention tip? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Disclaimer: I'm not planning to attend LVL UP EXPO or had previous trips to it.
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