Quan Zhi Gao Shou Episode 12 Final Impression


On this episode, Xiu and his team continues to counter the opposing teams wanting them dead. Later, Xiu faces against his rival from the past.

Wow, the finale action was awesome and it sets up for second season coming soon. Also it was kinda touching (not heart warming) to see Xiu face against his rival from the past. Other than that, they also revealed an extra short scene and second season announcement after the credits which is great. Now when is second season going to come out? I really can't wait and will be definitely looking forward to see our male lead and his new team join the eSports scene soon. Overall, awesome finale action and rival battle.

Conclusion: Awesome finale action and rival battle.
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This anime was great although I wish it had a better animation studio. The story/ characters perspective of a gaming professional is intense. Cannot wait for more seasons!! v-238

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Same here.

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