Knight's & Magic Episode 1 Impression


Knight's & Magic is about a genius programmer and mecha oktau man who died and got reborn into a magical fantasy mecha world. On this episode, Ernesti's carriage got attacked by a monster and saved by Silhouette Knights. Later, he plans his goals to become a Knight Runner and pilot his own Silhouette Knights mech.

At first, I thought the series was going to be a very typical mech story and it's surprisingly not. The concept and setting is interesting. Also I'm starting to really like Ernesti (the male lead) for some reason even though he has a cute girly appearance. Anyway, the introduction's pacing was decently detailed and they even fast forwarded some years to see our male lead's older. As for the action, it was pretty cool. Now what's going to be the next plot for Ernesti? Overall, awesome introduction and cool mecha action against monsters.

Conclusion: Awesome introduction and cool mecha action against monsters.
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