Saiyuuki Reload Blast Episode 1 Impression


Saiyuuki Reload Blast is the 4th season and is about a priest and his hang fighting demons. On this episode, Sanzou's party rescues some village suppliers from the demons and visits their village.

Okay, I'm surprised that I haven't heard about this series or wasn't on my radar until the fourth season came out. It was cool to see the four main characters fight against the demons and even seems like you don't have to watch the previous seasons to understand what's going on. Also I think Final Fantasy XV got inspired by the Saiyuuki series since they're both about four guys and have a roofless vehicle.

Other than that, I'll watch the previous seasons and can't wait for more episodes to come. Although it's unfortunate this season is only 12 episodes unlike the previous seasons. Now what's going to be the next demon plot? Overall, nice introduction and cool demon slaying action.

Conclusion: Nice introduction and cool demon slaying action.
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