Black★Rock Shooter Episode 6 Impression


Yes! I'm actually getting quite satisfied. There is actually more focus on action and the story is once again, starting to make some sense between the two worlds. We also get to see Insane Black Rock Shooter in action at the start of the episode. But, there's also way more details why Black Rock Shooter is actually fighting in the first place and it explains why there is "psychological" problems in the anime. So, I'm not getting bugged with why psychological issues are there much and the creators somehow made a nice fit to it. In conclusion, this episode is quite plain neat and the explanations are getting way better. So, they are not messing up with the pace like I thought they were.

Conclusion: More details about Black Rock Shooter and action focus which is cool.
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The best thing about this episode for me is the STR action! I've been waiting for it for tooooo long! :D

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Same here.

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