Fountain Hero Web Novel - Prologue and Chapter 1 Release


In case you're wondering on why I haven't been updating the blog regularly much, it's because I'll be starting to focus on writing web novels. My first on-going fantasy series is called Fountain Hero. Here's the summary.

28 year old Exo Higa is a website designer living a quiet normal life in Okinawa, Japan. One day, he took a short nap during his computer work at home and got summoned to an alternative world called Teathia. He then found out the legendary Fountain of Youth has summoned him and assigned him to become the next Fountain Hero. The missing previous Fountain Hero happens to be his father and was presumed dead from a car accident. His task is to carry out the Fountain of Youth's will and investigate his father's disappearance. Will Exo be able to take on this heroic role?

Just like most web novels, it will contain errors. However, I'll probably get them fixed later on.


For JP readers, the Japanese version might be coming soon.
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