HQ Trivia Short Thoughts


First off, this is totally not Japan-related (unless they somehow do Japan questions). I recently started playing a very popular free to play Western mobile game called HQ Trivia. It's basically a 15 minutes live Trivia show with interactive questions (2 sessions during weekdays and 1 session during weekends) with the usual total of 12 questions. Also, there's surprisingly around 1 million live players/viewers during the show times. Winners earn some real cash.

Anyway, I'm immensely enjoying this game even though I didn't win anything yet. As for the main host (Scott Rogowsky) and other hosts, they're decent or cool and not even "cringe worthy" from my prospective. Other than that, the game is definitely adding to my thirst for knowledge motivation. I'll be posting more about this game later on.

If you're planning to start playing as well, feel free to use my referral code: SparkNorkx.

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