The Will Go Along With Anything You Say Meme


If you haven't heard about the recent Japanese "Will Go Along With Anything You Say" meme yet, it first started from the last year's video that became viral. It's called Akane-chan Will Go Along With Anything You Say (何でも言うことを聞いてくれるアカネチャン). Ever since that video came out, content creators decided to join in with their video or art.

But first, check out the original video. This version is fan English translated. Original video can be found here.

A gamer Virtual YouTuber named Nekomiya Hinata decided to make her own version of it.

For some reason, I find Hinata's version to be slightly better. Maybe because of her voice and tone?

Anyway, here's some Twitter users who tweeted their own version.

My Twitter feed was spammed with that meme for a while. I almost got tempted to commission an artist to feature my blog's mascot version of it. Yeah.... Sorena....
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