Moretsu Pirates Episode 11 Impression


Haha, sweet! The mysterious ghost ship adventure got way better. I liked how the crew even encountered that ghost ship through complicated situations. Also, we get to learn more of the mysterious fleet chasing them. Besides that, the space ship action is great and the tactics they used. Though this series is still reminding me of those classic sci-fi shows I had seen. The crew is just getting plain better and more action is perhaps coming. So, so far so good and the formula that the creators are using is doing good at this rate. Now, I wonder when they will have those "gunfights". Overall, more space ship action and tactics which I liked.

Conclusion: More space ship action and tactics. Also the path leading to the ghost ship is quite interesting.
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Moretsu Pirates Episode 11

Finally, the golden ghost ship appeared!!!

Looks like the next episode there will be "gunfights" scene

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Looks like it.

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