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Collected Information

Supaku Blog collects readers'/visitors' information (IP Addresses, Browsers, etc.) for research purpose(s) only. To protect readers' privacy, collected information will not be shared with third parties without your permission. That includes promotional commissioners, affiliates, partners or advertisers.

Supaku Blog also collects IP addresses data from reader comments to help block spam comments.

If you want to opt out of Google Analytics, please use this official tool by Google.

Collecting Information Methods

Analytic services being used are Google Analytics, Google Search Console and FC2.

Collected data will be cleared within every 14 months for Google Analytics. As for FC2, every 3 months (excluding reader comments).


FC2 service will use cookies for tracking and storing. Also, third parties (banners) within this website may use cookies.

Commenting System

Submitted emails and websites will be automatically made visible in public. Passwords are private and used for revising the certain comment (only the reader who sets their password on their comment will know it).

One separate password can be used per one comment during first time comment submissions only. If the password is left blank, you won't have the ability to revise the certain comment.

By checking the "Private comment" box located above the "Send" button, comments can be made entirely private (along with email/website) and can only be seen by Supaku Blog's author.


All content belongs to their respective owners. Supaku Blog uses content under fair use - specifically in Japan and United States.

If you are a content owner and feel your content got used without permission, please use the Contact section. The content will be removed right away.


Supaku Blog is not responsible for damages or issues outside of this website.

Last Updated 7/24/18
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