Girls Frontline EN is Following DanManchi EN's Censorship Response


7/8 UPDATE: Girls' Frontline EN is Considering Uncensorship New

Not long ago, Crunchyroll censored the English version of the DanMachi: Memoria Freese mobile game. Now, Sunborn is taking the same path as them for their recently released strategy mobile game for the West called Girls' Frontline. The game has been popular in China, Taiwan, Korea and will have a Japanese server coming up.

When the English community emailed their censorship complaints to the company and regarding why the English server has more censorship than China's, a representative privately responded to a player.


Later, the company made an official public statement.

Basically, it is "shut up in-game currency bribery" - which added more fuel to the community's backlash

Along with their statement, the company silently upgraded their MS Paint scribble censorship to better quality. A player pointed it out on the game's subreddit.

There is now a NEW version of our lovely G36c censorship! from r/girlsfrontline

Another player did a comparison from the left current censorship pic to the right uncensored pic on Twitter

For additional details, do check out the other sources.


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