Black★Rock Shooter Episode 8 [Final] Impression


...For a minute there, I was just completely shocked (with my jaw dropping) in the beginning of the finale. First off, I am very satisfied of the series and I'm very glad that I follow it until the end. In the beginning, the story was all dark "psychological" problems but it finally made sense why the creators did that in the first place near the middle. So, it doesn't bother me anymore since that and it completely fits with this series.

Now, the finale was ended great. The creators were able to take away OP time and packed a lot of details or more story into the episode. The characters were great in the finale and their roles were played well. Also, Black Rock Shooter and the fighters got into surprising conflicts between each other with their other selves together. For for the fans or watchers waiting for a lot of action, this episode is just packed and with a lot of story involved. The creators did a fantastic job, surprisingly. Other than that, I have not much to say except you should definitely watch this! Overall, the finale is nicely made (of course it's way better than the OVA).

Conclusion: Awesome finale and is action packed with a lot of details. Note that there's something after the credits too.
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