Boyfriend of the Dead Webtoon Impression


This week, I stumbled into a love comedy webtoon series called Boyfriend of the Dead. It's basically about a very determined survivor girl having a zombie as her boyfriend in a zombie apocalyptic world.

So the main couple (N and Alex) in general are so cool. It's just awesome to see how their relationship, adventure and new family bonding develops. Also, the other characters that they encounter are pretty interesting. An example would be the twins and more friends.


As for the action scenes, they're great and it's plain refreshing. Another thing to add is the random nice plot twists and how the characters deal with them. Other than that, the series isn't a typical zombie story and it's definitely nothing like I have ever seen so far. In other words, a very unique and hilarious story.

Here's the trailer.

The author even has an Instagram account based on the current progressing story which is really interesting. Overall, an awesome love comedy zombie series.

Conclusion: An awesome love comedy zombie series.

As a side note, the series is originally written in English and I couldn't find the JP version on XOY.

Official Webtoon:

Official Instagram:
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