Girls' Frontline JP Extends Pre-registration Rewards and EN Draw Event


Today, Girls' Frontline JP has announced more extended pre-registration rewards. The rewards are 5,000 of each supply, 50 cores, and 50 combat reports. And, along with with them will be the 9A-91 T-Doll and her Bullet Cafe outfit.


That's going to be a huge boost for all newbies once the JP version launches. Cores is not even that very easy to farm as a beginner.

Meanwhile, Girls' Frontline EN is joining the fray similarly. They started the raffle share campaign and 3 randomly selected winners who retweeted the campaign tweet will receive 4,000 gems. Also, they released the limited Monthly Gems Card Double Bonus Event for players who bought active Monthly Gem Cards.

These current big events are great and I'll be definitely looking forward for more of them.
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