The Virtual YouTuber to Speak Fluent English (22/7 Sakura Fujima)


Referring back to my The First Virtual YouTuber to Speak English article, I accidentally stumbled into another new Virtual YouTuber who can speak actual fluent English.

Her name is Sakura Fujima (藤間 桜) from the 22/7 anime idol group. As for the voice provider, she turns out to be a Los Angeles born named Sally Amaki (天城サリー).

Unlike other Virtual YouTubers, Sakura Fujima is mainly focused for the Western audience instead of the Japanese audience.

Here's her introductory video and teaching Japanese video.

From watching some of her videos, she can casually switch between English and Japanese which is awesome - along with Western references. Also, it seems she wants to become a "meme lord" instead of an "idol".

Official YouTube Channel:

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Official Twitter:
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