Girls' Frontline JP Name Change


A few days ago, Girls' Frontline JP changed their name to Dolls' Frontline (ドールズフロントライン) due to trademark issues. The Girls' Frontline owner transferred the rights to another company. Here's their Twitter statement.

It seems Dolls' Frontline might be a temporary name because the staff doesn't want to delay the Japan server launch any further. Also, 4Gamer did some deeper digging and found out it was a shell company who took the new ownership for the Girls' Frontline trademark in Japan.

As for my thoughts, I think "Dolls' Frontline" is a decent name. But, I'll still call it "Girls' Frontline" (少女前線) since I've been mainly on the EN server anyway. Hopefully, Mica Team can recover the name in the future.
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