Moretsu Pirates Episode 12 Impression


This episode was so awesome! The mysterious ghost ship adventure was quite interesting. I liked how the events turn after another. Also, the roles for the characters and how they worked as a team was cool. But, unfortunately, there's only thirteen episodes total for the series and I don't know how the creators will end the finale. Though, I kinda find the series too short but I do hope that there will be a second season. Besides that, the action was okay but it wasn't that good like I was expecting. In other words, it was kinda disappointing but the story still makes up for it. Overall, this series still a must watch and the episode was pretty neat.

Conclusion: Nice ghost ship adventure and I can't wait for the finale.
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Finale? You do realize that this is a 26 episode series, right?

2012/03/29 (Thu) 15:13 | EDIT | REPLY |   



I didn't say it's a "finale" and it's not even on the post title. Look carefully on what I said please.

Also, 26 episodes is not confirmed and it's a "rumor" still. Note that I do know what I'm talking about at the very least.

2012/03/29 (Thu) 17:07 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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