Zero no Tsukaima Final [Final] Episode 12 Impression


Whoa... This episode was so cool. It was just entirely action packed and it looks like the finale! Pretty much, we get to see the entire gang fight against the mysterious dragon with a nice ending twist. But, there's suppose to be a thirteenth after and I hope that comes out. Anyway, the characters nicely played their roles just like the ending episodes from the previous seasons. Also, the creators introduced some more new things like weapons and scenes from the two worlds. So, there's really not much besides that. They basically once again, put in mostly action. Though, I have to say the credits is quite surprising. In conclusion, the ending is just plain decent and it could have been way better but it's not bad.

Conclusion: The ending-ish episode is not bad but could have been better.

Update: This episode has been confirmed to be the final.
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