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Chinese mobile games are surprisingly getting good even though there's a lot of bad greedy ones or knock-offs. So here's some of my top Chinese anime mobile games from not a particluar order. Also, do note these listed top mobile games are free to play friendly.

1. Honkai Impact 3rd


Why? Honkai Impact 3rd is a cool high quality graphics hack N slash action game. It also features co-op and open world.

Official Website:

2. Onmyoji Arena


Why? This anime MOBA game is based on the original Onmyoji. It's actually easier to climb up the ranking ladder and I find it way better than Vainglory, Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor. Also, the anime character designs are awesome and there's a good balance. If you're looking for an actual anime MOBA, this game might be it for you.

Official Website:

3. Onmyoji


Why? A nice free to play RPG. It was very popular until Onmyoji Arena came out. Although, it's still fairly good.

Official Website:

4. Girls' Frontline


Why? This is my current top favorite mobile game of all time. It's basically Kancolle/Kantai Collection with guns, but with actual strategic gameplay. Also, unlike most mobile games, the story/lore is very deep and dark - along with well developed characters. I would even compare it to Nier: Automata's story. Also, the game is very free to play friendly. Do check out this game (and why Supaku Blog got dedicated to it).

Official Website:

5. Azur Lane


Why? A good Kancolle/Kantai Collection clone, but has bullet hell shooter combat. It's also popular in Japan. However, it's not really my type of game. The Western release is coming soon.

Official Website:

In conclusion, these are some of the top Chinese anime mobile games I've played. Stay tuned for the Top Worse Chinese Anime Mobile Games article.
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