menu Is Great for 日本語/ English Learners

mangclubrec1.jpg is a free licensed online manga service that has a noticeable unique feature which most manga services doesn't have. That convenient feature is switching between English and 日本語/Japanese. (Although, not all of their manga selection has it.)


To stay free, the service has a ticketing system that recharges every 24 hours. Regular readers can obtain 3 tickets - one ticket per chapter. But, with Tokyo Otaku Mode premium membership, readers can obtain 6 tickets instead. Also, manga can be bought permanently with coins.

Basically, it's the stamina system you would see in mobile/social games. However, the first few chapters will be free without the need of tickets or coins.

Other than that, this service is another great source for 日本語/Japanese and English learning. I find it to be pretty good so far and I'm pretty used to stamina systems anyway. For more details, check out the official website.

Official Website:

Free Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Trial:

Note: Top picture is from Tsuminoko (Sinner) manga.

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