Hyped For Black Ops 4 PC


So I got really hyped and started playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PC for a while since day 1 launch. I decided to try Black Ops 4 because Battlefield V is going to be really terrible and I don't want to support any of EA's games since their greedy pay to win Battlefront 2/FIFA situations.

Although. the last time I played a Call of Duty game was Black Ops 1 on the original Nintendo Wii (plus, the Nintendo DS versions).


Anyway, so far, I'm surprisingly loving Black Ops 4. The PC version is just plain awesome and runs buttery smooth on my GTX 1070 gaming laptop.

As for the main multiplayer mode, they're very different compared Black Ops 1. It actually requires tactical teamwork and has cool specialists to master. I'm used to something like that since I've been playing those type of shooters.

To point out some multiplayer modes, Control mode shockingly reminds me of Insurgency as a faster paced version. It has the lives limit and both teams have to either permanently capture or defend points. On Heist, it's basically just a very fast paced version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Other than that, I'll probably post my full impressions once I play much longer (didn't fully try Blackout yet). Judging by the current content I've seen, I hope Treyarch will support this game for 3+ years similarly to Rainbow Six Siege - especially it's on
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