Top 3 Apps For a Productive Otaku


Want to be a productive otaku or anime fan? Are you seeking apps that can help you in life or gamify it? Then here's my top 3 recommended apps in specific order.

3. Pokémon GO

Since July 6, 2016, Pokémon GO has been a great motivator app for exercising or casually walking around. If you've left the game for a long time or didn't try it yet, Niantic added a lot of new features like weather, trainer battles and much more.

Official Website:

2. Habitica

I might really biased with this app because I did post about it and I'm one of the listed contributors. Habitica (formerly named Habit RPG) is basically a to-do list RPG. You can set your own tasks, earn rewards for doing tasks, fight bosses, be in parties and much more. It a really cool app to gamify your life.

Official Website:

1. Forest App

Forest App is my #1 favorite productivity premium app because it can truly help with your phone addiction while you work or do something. The app is basically a gamfied timer and has your trees growing. While the timer is on, you can't use your phone or your tree will die. Successfully planted tree (and dead trees) will be in your growing forest. Also, you can earn coins to unlock more tree specifies/music or invest them to grow real life trees. Price is $1.99 or ¥240.

Official Website:

So these apps are my current top 3 productivity apps for an otaku or anime fan. Hope you enjoy them!
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