Haiyoru! Nyarauko-san Episode 4 Impression


Yosh or all right! Another "female" candidate appeared along with our hero(Yasaka)'s mother. Also as usual on a daily basis, our Nyaruko is still trying to chase down our epic hero. Anyway, why do I keep mentioning that? Guess it could be a unforgotten thing to me? Anyway the new "female" candidate has an awesome epic twist that you would love! The mother is actually cool and she's really interesting compare to other mothers from other echii anime. Though, the series is just still quite random to discuss much. Besides that, the characters are still funny and I don't think there will be a harem coming anytime soon at the rate the series is going. Overall, not much to say for me but the series is getting better.

Conclusion: Funny episode and we get a new "female" candidate.
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