Cop Craft Episode 1 Impression


Cop Craft is about a special police unit tasked to fight crime that is related to another world. On this episode, Kei and his former partner apprehends some fairy smugglers. Later, Kei gets partnered with a knight from another world.

Whoa, it's like Cowboy Bebop and the isekai genre made a baby called Cop Craft. Or, it's similar as other cop anime from previous seasons, but with isekai in it. Anyway, the beginning was half-predictable because I was expecting our male lead's partner to be replaced by the loli knight. Also, the current main plot is cool. Other than that, I can't wait to see some more relation development between the new main duo. Now what will happen next? I'll be looking forward to it. Overall, interesting beginning.

Conclusion: Interesting beginning.
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