Moretsu Pirates Episode 20 Impression


Oh yay, we get to see more of our moe crew in action having fun! It's not just only that but we also get some fan service at the beach which is the best! Oh yeah...

Anyway, our moe crew decided to participate a galactic race but they have to train for it. So thus, this episode builds up for the next episode which would be probably action packed. The story so far is still doing great and we get to learn more of our minor support characters (including mysterious organizations). It's just darn cute looking at them. As for the action, I'm kinda surprised on how the creators were able to play it especially at a build up. There were a bunch of action scenes with a little slice of life. Besides that, not much to point out or to talk about but once again, I just loved some of the fan service. Though I do wonder how will the next episode turn out. So overall, cool build up and nice fan service.

Conclusion: Cool build up and we get some nice fan service.
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