Fate/Zero Season 2 Episode 7 Impression


The episode is so saddening and dark especially at the beginning when Irisviel got very weak. Anyway, Kiritsugu and Saber pretty much try to look for Rider and Archer for the entire episode. It's not just only that, there's a lot more shocking dark events in this episode and it's filling up for the next episode. Though I'm kinda displeased that on the previous episodes we saw are about Kiritsugu's past until we are finally back to the present and more random things happened. In any way, this series might just make it to the "horror genre" or (maybe it is already in the horror genre). Putting aside, the action is great but the story is getting darker on each episode. So overall, this episode is not too bad and could have been a lot darker.

Conclusion: More dark events and build up.
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Dark story is Dark, poor Iris...:(

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She's too innocent for this! D=

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